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Labrador dog - one of the best types of pet dogs with pictures
Ashwaie 04 November 2022
  Labrador Retriever Dog is one of the most popular dog breeds for a reason They are strong, medium-sized dogs with a healthy and balanced s...
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Do you ever wonder how the world looks like from Eyes of Different Animals
Ashwaie 05 May 2021
  Have you ever wondered how you look within the eyes of your dog? or maybe how does a bee sees the world? The vision of each sort of animal...
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11 Amazing facts about Siamese cats
Ashwaie 04 May 2021
  Siamese cats are beautiful, nice, and smart, and Siamese cats have everything, attracting many artists and celebrities because of their ma...
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Ashwaie 17 February 2021
  From rescuing people from drowning to protecting soldiers from bombs, here are 10 heroic dogs that  saved PEOPLE'S lives Today we are...
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Deadly dog diseases and how to treat them
Ashwaie 27 July 2020
Many people want to raise animals and one of the most important animals that are pets and can be raised at home with ease, but there ar...
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Best female cat names
Ashwaie 06 July 2020
Beautiful cats names for females and modern, for all lovers of cat breeding and wants to name his cat a fluffy and suitable name for it...
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How do I make the dog naughty
Ashwaie 02 July 2020
naughty dog A lot likes to have a dog , take it as a pet, take us on tours, and learn a beautiful, simple, and friendly language. Wit...
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Things you will know for first time about husky dogs
Ashwaie 18 June 2020
Husky Dogs The husky breed descends from the Siberian Eskimo, where it was tossed sleds over long distances, and is considered the mos...
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Best food for german shepherd dogs
Ashwaie 17 June 2020
german shepherd dog Many people prefer to raise dogs but anyone who wants to raise a dog must know what is the best food to feed for...
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Favorite food for cats
Ashwaie 15 June 2020
food for cats Cat food should be appropriate for their nature and their digestive system, so every living being has a specific food su...
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