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11 Amazing facts about Siamese cats


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Siamese cats are beautiful, nice, and smart, and Siamese cats have everything, attracting many artists and celebrities because of their magic, which has earned these graceful animals a place in mansions all over the world (even the White House has hosted one), and here's everything you should know about these lovely creatures.

1-The best known Siamese cat species are siamese seal points:

Do you remember the singing cats from the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp? It's what Siamese cat breeders call seal points, and cats have white bodies with dark brown spots of fur on the tail, paws, ears, and face area, known as dots.

2-However, other color carvings are available for Siamese cats:

Siamese cats resemble their sibling chocolate dots from the seals, but the brown marks on the first are slightly opened, and conversely, Siamese cats have blue-grey limbs, and Siamese cats, stunning lilac dots, show the same parts of the body with pink grey hair.

3-Siamese cat breed has a long history:

Tamra Mao, also known as Cat Book Poems and a Thesis on Cats, is a manuscript written during the Ayutthaya period of Siam that may date back to the 14th century CE describing many cat breeds, and at some point, the text mentions pale cats and dark hair on some ends, and historians believe that this may be the earliest written description of Siamese cats, and (now known as Thailand), foreign characters used to receive these cats as gifts, and by the 1870s, this item appeared in European cat shows.

4-Siamese cats are very noisy:

Siamese cats shout out loud and often, especially when they want something from you, and some owners find that their chatty nature is endearing, but if you're looking for a quiet pet, Siamese cats may not be suitable.

5-One Siamese cat lived in the White House:

In 1878, a U.S. diplomat named David shipped a female Siamese cat to Washington, D.C., as a gift to Lucy Hayes, the First Lady of the United States, (her husband Rutherford was the 19th President of America), named the Cat Siam and roamed freely in the White House until her sudden and tragic death in late 1879.

6-Siamese cats are sociable in nature and love partnership:

Siamese cats like to follow their human beings and jump in their arms, and because they like to interact, experts warn that these animals may become discomfort if left alone for long periods.

7-Siamese cats are one of the first breeds recognized by the Animal Breeders' Association:

The largest cat record in the world, the Association of Cat Lovers, launched in 1906, initially identified only six breeds: Persian cats, Russian blue cats, Manx cats, Burmese cats, porcupine cats, and, of course, Siamese cats, but today, cats with more than 30 additional breeds are also eligible to be enrolled in an association.

8-Siamese cats exhibit partial albinism

Siamese cats have fur patterns spotted because of the gene that makes most of their hair colorless, but this only works at high temperatures, and the gene only starts after the Siamese fetus leaves the warmth of its mother's womb, however, the fur on the tail, paws, nose, and ears remains Dakana because those parts of the body do not keep the heat well.

9-Siamese cross-eyed cats are used as a model:

The same gene responsible for white fur and dark limbs gives Siamese cats beautiful blue eyes and, unfortunately, because of unusual dye in the retina, Siamese cross-eyed cats have once been common, but in recent years selective breeding has led to fewer cats bearing this trait.

10-Some Siamese cats have twisted tails:

Perennial curved tails are another feature not preferred by Siamese cat breeders, and once were characteristic of the breed, but ready-to-show cats no longer possess them.

11-Related cats are known as Thai cats:

Western breeders slowly produced Siamese cats for an extremely elegant animal with an extended skull, larger eyes, and very little body fat, and during the 1950s, some animal breeders responded to this trend by producing heavier cats designed to more closely resemble ancestral stock, thus generating a new breed called Thai cats.

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