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How do I make the dog naughty

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naughty dog

A lot likes to have a dog, take it as a pet, take us on tours, and learn a beautiful, simple, and friendly language. With the acquisition of a dog, the basic need arises in his training to obey orders, so that the dog does not get out of control, and follows the bully part with his animal instincts, and we eventually have to lose him, or not wanting to acquire it, and perhaps give it up to a rehabilitation office, for example.

- The importance of having a dog

One of the things about the need to acquire a dog with a desire to feel, to be sensitive, to familiarity, is that animals are natural, and they can only be deliberately afraid of those who fear them.

The following reason for protection is given; when you have a dog, and with training in how to behave, help and protect, we can have a loyal, absolutely harmless friend, and many recently published experiences as a testament to the dog's fulfillment.

The dog can be relied upon as a road guide, if the owner is damaged, such as loss of sight, moving with a stick or wheelchair, etc.

The dog is known to be in the house, intervening to protect them in the event of a different risk, such as theft, or being physically assaulted, or even in the event of a fire.

The dog is kept away from his companions, and supports them in cases of grief, or disorientation, he is the only friend who cannot close the doors in his face, nor be prevented from consoled by gestures, and get very close to him.

- How to care for a dog

There may not be a problem for an adult, who is aware of how to take care of pets, especially dog types, but the problem arises with the care of children, they must be provided with all the information required by the responsibility of caring for a dog at home.

Of course, there is a need to pay attention to the existence of a designated place, food, as well as tools and preparations for cleaning and sterilization, with the need to make sure when purchasing the most important information about its type, age, sterilization, and vaccination.

It must be understood that animals with an innate instinct are very similar to children; they need tenderness and attention, and they need to be tamed.

It is essential that we rely on a dog handler, or a special trainer, to provide the dog with all the orders and instructions that he must obey so that he does not cause self-harm or chaos.

Another thing that always depends on knowing about the world of dogs, and seeking to apply it to a dog, in order to create an atmosphere of joy and pleasure, which is an essential purpose for acquiring a dog, and on the other hand improve the mood of an animal that may suffer but not complain like humans.

- How do I make the dog naughty

There is a set of tips that enable you to make your dog obedient and to comply with all orders that he is told, especially if you intend to participate in a competition for example
The first thing to make your dog obedient is to create a homey atmosphere based on a commitment by all; Even if you bought a dog from a pet trainer, or even from a shelter, the commitment must be the norm in the home.

Try to gather all the residents of the house, in the presence of the dog, and start discussing all the matters that go through them, for example, it is forbidden to sit on the sofa, scratch the walls or tables, or eliminate the need in a place other than the designated place, and so on.

Start choosing a name for your dog, adopt it in his calls, and ask everyone to abide by calling him in his name, so there is no need for a whistle, or hand gestures, for example, only someone who wants him to do something, he should call him in his name, and raise him on the head or back of the dog as soon as he appears or does the order After hearing his name.

If a dog is accustomed to responding to any signal or whistling from anyone, you lose his obedience to you, and he complies with your orders, so you have to call him in his name only.

It's essential on your journey while making your dog obey domestic orders, such as where to sit? Where's he going to sleep? Where's he going to take his? Where will he eat? It sounds a little easy, if the dog is a puppy, but it starts to get harder if the dog is big, so you have to be more patient and reserved.

The following comes in the need to emphasize the main commands such as "sit down" and "get down" "come", in repeating these orders to the dog's hearing, which stimulates his constant awareness of its meaning, begins to obey you, and do what you dictate, and his can, everyone in the house must do the same to train your dog during training periods, and otherwise.

Learn how to reward your dog if he obeys orders, or encourages them to do so. As dog experts point out, it is necessary to adopt a method of encouragement to make the dog obedient, especially since dogs are not creatures that are difficult to deal with, or even satisfied, especially if you use toys with them such as running around, tickling, or hugging them. All of these things can make your dog very obedient, so I count to give them their sweets at the right time;

A short-term training period must be adopted, and attention should be paid to how long you spend training dogs, and to take care of synchronizing it with their age, and with their type;

Experts recommend that the training period be between 10 and 15 minutes, and there is another opinion that depends on how responsive your dog is to redirection or correction orders; if you feel that it is no longer the same as it was, it is no longer just stop and continue trying after being encouraged by dessert or play, etc.

Remember to follow the commitment of the home, not just the dog to the instructions you have already mentioned, in order not to confuse the dog with following orders or not following them.
It's important to help your dog integrate with other dogs in the dog park, or with the neighbor's dogs;

Never underestimate the intelligence of an animal, he learned during the training period how to obey your orders when he receives them, so don't expect him to commit to them if you don't mention them, so don't rely on forcing him to do something he doesn't want, make sure they learn that obeying orders is a positive thing and not to avoid any pain.

Be sure to use the techniques of getting your dog to comply with orders such as electric hoops or bright flashlight at the right time; 


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