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Deadly dog diseases and how to treat them

Many people want to raise animals and one of the most important animals that are pets and can be raised at home with ease, but there are some diseases that may affect these small organisms, they are living beings like young children who are exposed to diseases that may be normal and possibly dangerous, so the people who raise these small organisms have to take great care of them, know what diseases they may be exposed to, how to prevent them, and how to be treated properly.

- Dog diseases 

Diseases may be transmitted to dogs by hiking in the gardens, through materials used when cutting hair or even passing on to them by playing with their friends.

It is normal for all species and breeds to be infected with these diseases, they are not limited to a particular type of them, so people who raise dogs at home must provide them with regular medical care by constantly visiting their veterinarian, as well as monitoring their behavior and the strange symptoms they face.

- Dripping dog disease

This disease is a highly contagious disease, as it is a virus that is transmitted to them very quickly between them through the air or the sharing of vessels for food, which works to infect dogs with severe sclerosis of all parts of their body such as the nose or foot cushions, so it is called hard plate disease, so It is transmitted to dogs through viruses circulating in the air.

Among his symptoms that appear on them:

  • Inability to move that may reach paralysis.
  • Eye irritation significantly.
  • The desire to vomit in a continuous manner.
  • Having a fever.
This disease is a serious disease that may lead to death, so if some symptoms appear on them and they are unable to rest, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian who is working his best to provide medical care to him by taking liquids useful to him at this stage and providing complete rest, in addition to trying to prevent secondary infections.

Therefore, doctors advise all people who own dogs to regularly take the necessary vaccinations in order to maintain it and prevent infection.

- Lyme disease in dogs

This serious disease occurs when dogs are bitten by ticks, which is the most common type because there are bacteria transmitted to them through exposure to these bites, as these bacteria reach the bloodstream, leading to their spread between the joints and causing severe pain that may lead to some wounds in the body.

Symptoms that appear in dogs as soon as they are bitten include:

  • Fever.
  • Feeling extreme pain.
  • Unwillingness to eat, curbing appetite.
  • Note there was a limp.
This disease is a deadly disease if you do not have the right treatment, so you should consult a doctor immediately, and the treatment is done by taking antibiotics.

The body is also thoroughly examined to look for these ticks if they live under the skin or hair of dogs and get rid of them so as not to aggravate things, and take the necessary vaccinations.

- Heartworm dog disease

This worm causes some parasites to grow inside the heart, causing infections that completely affect the heart and destroy blood vessels and lungs.

This worm is transmitted by mosquito bites, and is spread throughout the atmosphere not only dry weather, and has been reported more than once in a large number of states due to severe damage to dogs.

Some of the symptoms in dogs include:

  • Severe cough.
  • Inability to breathe normally due to respiratory problems.
  • The appearance of various heart diseases.
  • Curb appetite and lose a lot of weight.
  • Lethargy of the body.
Infection can be prevented by purchasing preventive medicines from mosquitoes and fleas, taking the necessary vaccinations on an ongoing basis, and regular screening of veterinarians.

In case of infection, antibiotics can be taken, organic arsenic injections are easy and cheap ways to treat, and various blood tests must be performed in order to confirm the infection.

- Canine Virus

This virus is a highly contagious virus transmitted to dogs when you touch the feces of another sick dog, resulting in the virus being transmitted into the body.

These viruses attack the inner parts of the body of dogs, causing them to spread easily, but are difficult to eliminate when they spread in this way.

Among the symptoms that students develop when they develop the disease are:

  • Severe fever.
  • Desire to vomit.
  • Inability to eat and total anorexia.
  • The lethargy of the body and immobility.
  • Dry body.
  • Severe diarrhea.
It is also a deadly disease, but if it occurs, you should go to the doctor who specializes in it, where doctors work to treat this virus by reducing and preventing secondary infections, in addition to taking fluids and electrolytes.

However, in order to ensure that this infection is not infected, the necessary vaccinations must be taken and prevent them from completely contacting the feces of sick dogs.

- Dog cough

This disease can be called dog cough because it spreads widely between dogs and each other, and is a highly contagious respiratory disease, which affects the airways and leads to infections and severe irritation.

The disease is spread through direct contact with infected animals or through treatment in dog parks, as well as possibly transmitted to them through a dog care home.

Symptoms appear in dogs in the form of:

  • Feeling very letdown in the body.
  • The appearance of severe cough.
  • Public silencing.
Dogs with the older age group are more likely to develop the disease because the immune system is no longer able to fight viruses, diseases, or even dogs that have not received vaccinations in time.

During a medical examination, your doctor prescribes drugs that are inhibitors of cough or take antibiotics in order to make them feel comfortable and not over-moving.

- Leptospirosis for dogs

It is a bacterium that is transmitted to dogs by natural water that is in lakes or rivers, as well as from the soil.

Symptoms in sick dogs include:

  • Desire to vomit.
  • Fever.
  • Note the whole dryness of the body.
  • The presence of muscular tenderness.
  • Jaundice.
In order to prevent the infection by taking the necessary vaccinations, especially if the dog is dealing with the outside world continuously, but in the case of infection medical examination is done in this case and the doctor recommends taking antibiotics and providing care for them permanently.

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