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Train dog to sit or stay the easiest way

Train your dog by yourself.

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Train dog to sit
A lot of people think it's hard to train and tame dogs, and it takes a lot of time and effort.
And it is, but it may not be as difficult as some might think if you follow the right steps during the training process.

It is preferable to start training a dog at a young age — at least five months — so that he can absorb the training lessons and be physically and mentally qualified to receive the information addressed to him.

Dog training is divided into training for good behavior and obedience training behavior training starts at a very young age and is from the age of two months to five months and when the dog reaches the age of five months begins obedience training where the dog learns to carry out the orders of the owner as soon as he hears a particular call or to be exposed to an effect used to be associated with the mind of the dog with a particular activity.

train dog to sit

Obedience training includes sit-down training, walk alongside his owner, sleep the floor, and the dog comes as soon as he calls and goes to a specific place when referred to.

The training process must be based on a pre-plan, for example, when training the dog to come as soon as the call on him must be called the dog with a certain name or word several times and with the same tone of voice at long and repeated intervals and so that the dog learns and connects the called word already to be implemented just like the child who learns to speak, he can not pronounce the word between day and night but must be repeated several times with it connected to something or done Certain to learn it.

At the beginning of the training process, you must first attract the attention of the dog depending on the type and breed of your dog you should know if it is pulling
His attention is a tennis ball or running behind the bike and then you start to take advantage of what attracts his attention to train your dog
You should also take advantage of rewards, for example, when your dog behaves well or avoids unwanted behavior, you can reward your dog by staying at home, for example, or with an extra meal.
It is also necessary to avoid mistakes during the training process, for example, you should avoid leaving the dog alone and isolated for long periods and should not be locked or isolated so as not to affect his psyche and turn him into a fierce dog.

train dog to sit

The process of taming and training the dog requires a lot of patience and effort and perseverance every day that passes on your dog exposes him to influences gained from experiences and that is what the human may use to teach him what he wants and what conforms to his requirements
And beware of training in the wrong way the trainer may think that he is on the right way towards teaching the dog a certain behavior while directing him to learn what might harm him so you should think carefully about everything that is delivered to the dog so that he learns properly.


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