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Top 5 things that harm your dog inside the house

Dogs are animals that have a constant talent of getting into trouble, whether it's chewing shoes or chewing clean clothes, dogs always find a way to test their owner's patience. They are strange animals and characterized by a very strong sense of smell, inside the house must make your favorite dog away from some common things in order not to lead his life, many risks in the house can cause disaster for your dog.

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5 things that harm your dog

This is because of the curiosity of dogs and their tendency to explore the world using their mouths and mess with various household items that are potentially toxic, always be prepared it is possible to poison your animal despite your efforts to prevent it. We need to look at our homes through the eyes of our pets, exposure to toxins can be by inhaling, eating, licking, or touching the skin through the foot.

The level of toxicity of the toxins itself varies greatly, as well as the reactions of the dog and the symptoms that appear on the dog can be mild, limited to nausea or irritation of the skin, and can be strong such as cardiac arrest or liver or kidney failure and the occurrence of a coma.

Watch out so much, keeping your dog safe from themselves is part of your responsibility to be the owner of that dog. Despite years of rigorous training, some dogs can take substances that cause them harm, and when that happens go to the vet immediately.

I will give you a good overview of the types of things you have that can be toxic to dogs :

1- Human food:

Most dogs are experts in planting their nose at the dinner table and beg to get your leftovers in fact from time to time will not harm your dog, but there are some foods that should never be given under any circumstances to the dog such as:

- Chocolate contains a chemical known as theobromine highly toxic for dogs, can not be divided or digested, and can cause problems and convulsions to death and the toxic dose is calculated according to the weight of the dog.
- Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure. Other dangerous foods are onions, avocados, tomatoes, and raw eggs.

If your dog eats these foods, please contact the veterinarian to find out what steps to take. If you have family or friends coming to your house, you should tell them not to feed your dog.

2- Cleaning products:

There are chemicals that smell sweet such as window cleaning materials, furniture coating, bathroom cleanliness, and certain types of chlorine that the dog finds taste delicious and they will devour any chemicals spilled or those that are sprayed on the surfaces in hand. Always wipe any excess chemicals from your roofs immediately and allow the wet area to dry before letting the dog return to the room again, as all chemicals should be stored out of your dog's reach in a high closet for example. If the dog has been ingested, you should contact the hospital or veterinarian, explaining the name of the product and when the dog has taken it to get the correct veterinary care.

3- Medicines:

Both human and animal medicines can be dangerous to your dog, some medicines may have sugar coating on the outside of them like pills making them look like sweets. Pills and other medicines should always be stored safely out of the reach of animals in general or caution when throwing medicines in the garbage if the dog has a habit of stealing food from there.

4- Garbage:

Dogs can't tell the difference between fresh food and trash, both are both appetizing. Dogs often eat anything, including small pieces of broken glass, sharp bones, and other things that cause them harm.

5- Fertilizer:

Fertilizer available in your garden often contains insects and toxic insecticides, these pesticides may cause skin irritation or damage to their eyes and sinuses this is a reason I claim not to let your dogs go out in the garden because the smell of pesticides attracts them.

Take care and keep your dog safe


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