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Things you will know for first time about husky dogs

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Husky Dogs
The husky breed descends from the Siberian Eskimo, where it was tossed sleds over long distances, and is considered the most famous dog species in Egypt, and competes for strongly popular golden quality, and some believe that owning a husky dog, is a daunting task, for several reasons: including its high price, its constant need to take care, and endangering the hot weather in addition to other things we will be exposed to in the article.

- The physical characteristics of Husky dogs

1. Husky dogs are strong, energetic, and vibrant, thick fur, often in color, a combination of gray, black, copper and white, Haske's eyes often in pale blue, and in rare cases may be brown, green, blue or yellow.  

2. When he reaches the age of 12-15, he has health problems such as progressive atrophy of the retina, cataracts, corneal atrophy, and hypothyroidism. Therefore it needs to be followed up permanently veterinary.

3- Husky dogs are characterized by howling, not barking like other dogs.

4. The weight of a male husky dog is between 20 and 27 kilograms, while the female weight ranges from 16 to 23 kilograms.

5- The length of the male Husky dogs is between 53 cm and 64 cm, and females are between 51 cm and 60 cm.

6- The Husky dogs can have blue eyes, brown eyes, small eyes, or one of each color, there is no relationship between the color of the eye and the disease of the eye in this category, and often the original Husky dog's eye is blue or one of his eyes, if you do not find it is hybrid and not free.

- Husky social traits

If you're looking for a quiet dog to sit in front of you on the couch in the evening, 
Husky is not that good, as he cannot be left at home but must always be caught day and night.

The Husky welcomes guests, children love it, and blends with other dogs, but some Huskies are strong predators and cats may be considered prey, so beware of being with smaller animals.

- The Huskies need great care.

Home to the original Husky dogs in Russia's Siberian region, this quality is loved and needs to stay at very low temperatures, so the husky should not be exposed to heat for long.

He needs to take great care of his vaccination schedules, and because he is more susceptible to diseases because he lives in a different environment than his native environment, he always needs to cut his thick short hair and wash his teeth.

- Clever at escape and befriend strangers

Husky dogs are good at escaping, this quality climbs trees, and digs under some fences, so if the Haski bed is in your yard or garden, he must have an id mark on his neck to help ensure his safe return after the escape.

The Huskies are lonely and bored if left alone, and their reaction is devastating, as they dig the ground continuously if they can't escape and get out of the unit.

If you're looking for a dog that protects your home, choose a different breed from the Huskies that you don't understand the concept of strangers, as anyone can deal with it.


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