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Best Dry food for dogs and cats

The word dry food you hear a lot when you start dealing with pets and you find people saying that it is good and useful and people say that it is harmful.

In this article, you will know what is dry food, and why is the dry food the best of them for your pet? And you will know at the end of the article how do you choose the best dry food for your dog or your cat We will also recommend some types that you can buy.

- What is dry food?

Dry food or is a food dedicated to dogs and cats, which is done in specific amounts and proportions covering the need of protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals, which vary depending on the type of pet and its age and the stage that passes through it whether it is pregnancy, feeding, training or guarding.

- Is dry food harmful or beneficial to dogs and cats?

The dry food is like any food in the world that is good or bad, First let's see if it is useful or harmful, and then decide the difference between the good and the bad.

- Benefits of Dry Food

  • An integrated meal in which have all the nutrients your dog or cat needs.
  • Helps remove the accumulated lime layer on the teeth.
  • Strengthens bones and helps grow.
  • It helps in muscle and tissue growth because it contains protein.
  • Keeps the animal's hair because of fatty acid.
  • Do not spoil quickly and can be saved for a long time.

- Damages that may arise from choosing the wrong dry food

  • Allergies due to the presence of certain ingredients 
  • Rewind and diarrhea as a result of the use of bad types or corrupt dry foods
  • Margarine as a result of using a larger amount of dry food than the pet needs 
  • The composition of stones as a result of colored eating and excess salts

- Dry-food is better or fresh food?

Dry Food is the alternative and competitor of fresh food which is made at home like boiled chicken and boiled vegetables or any food prepared at home especially for the fibers
Fresh food is of course one of the best food you can give to your pet but you should provide him with all the vitamins and minerals and the amount of daily energy he needs. so we Prefer dry food

- Dry Food Ingredients

The basic ingredients of dry food usually come from protein such as beef, chicken, fish or eggs, fats and also possible grains such as corn, wheat, starch and a group of vitamins and minerals 

The proteins used can be meat, and grains that are used to reduce the cost of the protein used.

If you find the word Meat, it means that it uses real meat, whether from the body, heart,  or generally any meat that is suitable for human use. 

But If you find the word "Meat by-product" is meant for anything other than meat such as lung, kidney, brain, blood and bones and this is based on the instructions of the American Feed Control Organization AAFCO.

But if Meat Meal is mentioned on dry food, it is described that the product is provided by animal tissues, it may be any part of the animal, but it is not known.

That's why we prefer a specific type in the dry food that the type of protein source is known.

- How to serve dry food to dogs or cats

It is placed in a dish as a full meal and can add a little warm water or soup or mixed with wet food

It should be taken into account the appropriate amount for the age and weight of the animal and be recorded on the dry food package and divided equally on the number of meals per day

- Number of dry food meals for dogs and cats per day

  • In the first six months, the amount of dry food is divided into 3 meals evenly.
  • From 6 months to a year, divided into two meals a day 
  • After a year the amount of food  is in one meal a day
Note: don't play with your pet after eating so that there is no problem with the stomach

- How to make your dog or cat get used to dry food as food?

If the dog or cat is used to eating fresh food it is difficult to move to dry food once so it is gradually done on four days.

  • On the first day you use 3/4 fresh and 1/4 dry food

  • Day 2 1/2 Fresh and 1/2 Dry Food

  • Day 3 1/4 Fresh and 3/4 Dry Food

  • And on the fourth day, the whole meal is dry food.
An important note.
You should know what kind of food your pet likes because dry food is made from ingredients such as fish, chicken, and meat so choose the type that is your pet loves it.

- How do you choose the most suitable dry food for your dog or cat?

1- Check the source of protein inside the dry food
 The first thing you need to look at is the source of protein and the most important is the 3 sources written on the top of the packaging and of course they are called beef, poultry, chicken, or fish, but if meat by-products are written, it means that the protein has little quality.
If it is written that meat by-products are a liver, for example, it is excellent, but the source of protein if it is unknown or not written at all don't get it...
And if the first 3 components of vegetable protein are not animal this protein is a low-quality protein and is not suitable because dogs and cats are meat eaters and a large part of dogs and cats are allergic to plant protein.  

And there are certain products in the market you will find that it says that it is | Grain Free or Glutin Free. is of course better but it is more expensive in price.

If you feed your dog or cat a food that contains pills you should see your pet if it has an allergy to it, such as the appearance of symptoms associated with food such as skin problems or diarrhea and rewind or weight loss.

2- Fat 
The best dry food in quality is the one that is mentioned the source of fat in it but the one that is not written on it the source, of course it is not the best

3- Pay attention to the age of your pet
You should know very well if this dry food is suitable for the age of your dog or cat or not because for example the puppy and kittens must have protein and energy higher than adults to form their muscles and provide them with the right energy for their body.  And the age information you will find is written on dry food Packages

4- Watch out for the brand 
Some companies are written on the packages all the right ingredients but they are unknown and not widespread and the reactions about them are not strong. Unlike other companies that are known for their interest in quality and also dogs and cats like to eat from them so we recommend that you choose a brand known and popular in the market

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