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Dogs or cats. Which is the smartest?

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Dogs or cats. Which is the smartest
The debate has continued for decades about whether dogs or cats are the smartest pets.

But in a new development, sure to frustrate cat lovers, new scientific research has shown that dogs are smarter than cats.

Researchers have shown that dogs have more than twice as many cells as cats in areas related to thinking, planning and other complex behaviour, according to the British daily Mail.

The researchers, from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, say the number of neurons in the animal's cerebral cortex is a characteristic of intelligence.

The cortex is the largest layer of the brain and is associated with a set of complex behavioral characteristics.

The researchers found that dogs have about 530 million cortical neurons, while cats have only about 250 million.

By comparison, the human brain contains about 16 billion cortical neurons.

Dr. Hercolano-Hausel, the lead author of the scientific study, says: 'I believe that the absolute number of neurons in animals, particularly in the cerebral cortex, determines the richness of the internal mental state and its ability to predict in its environment, based on previous experiences.'

The researchers applied intelligence theories to several types of carnivores and found that larger brains did not necessarily mean more cortical neurons.

The golden retriever dog's brain, for example, has more cortical neurons than a brown bear dog, although it is much smaller in size.

In terms of brain size, the proportion of cortical neurons, in one of the most intelligent animals found in raccoons, is found.

The size of raccoons' brains is equal to that of a cat, but the density of raccoon cortical neurons has been shown to be similar to that of a dog.
According to Dr. Howzel: 'The raccoon has a fairly small brain, but has many neurons, such as those that are expected to be found in the brain of species of monkeys, i.e. a large number of neurons.'

The team of researchers warns that this intelligence is not conclusive, but a personal assessment, which means that it is not absolutely certain that dogs are smarter than cats.

Dr. Hozel adds: 'At least, we have some biology that people can demonstrate the validity of their opinion in a debate about which is smarter? Cats or dogs?'

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