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All you need to know about dog pregnancy

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dog pregnancy
Dogs are one of the most beloved pet species of many people, especially since the dog is characterized by loyalty, protects the owner and the people of the house, and other characteristics that characterize this animal, so we will review with you the duration of pregnancy in dogs, and the number of children expected to have them at a time.

- Dog and reproduction

The female dog reaches puberty approximately nine months after birth, and after the female is ready for pregnancy for mating, and the appropriate fertilization date in the female dog is in a seventh of menstruation, and the female is placed with the male in one barn until the vaccination of pregnancy, and the mating process between them takes approximately quarter of an hour to half an hour, and this is repeated in the day about three times, and there is no objection to leaving them for 24 hours together, especially if the female does not know the male and does not know the male and does not know Know the owners of the house, preferably to protect the female after mating for a month, and prevents any dogs from approaching them until they are confirmed to be pregnant, it is better for dogs to carry only twice a year no more.

- Duration of pregnancy in dogs

The duration of pregnancy in dogs ranges from approximately 8 to 50 days to sixty-three days, and the female dog may give birth on any day between these days, and there is no vaginal examination or laboratory examination expected of the duration of birth in the female dog, but the belly of the female dog can be found on the 25th to the 35th day of pregnancy to confirm the presence of an x-ray embryo, in front of the X-ray, she cannot detect pregnancy until the 45th day of pregnancy.

- Signs of dog pregnancy

Physiological changes
  • 1- Increase in abdominal volume significantly in the fifth week of pregnancy.
  • 2- Increase in the milk glands well before birth.
  • 3- Just before birth, the milk glands grow in size and begin to release milk in preparation for feeding the young.
Behavioral changes
  • 1. Some changes in the behavior of a pregnant dog begin in the last weeks of pregnancy.
  • 2. The female prefers isolation during the last period of pregnancy.
  • 3. The female shows anxiety and discomfort.
  • 4. It makes more sound than usual, and it gasps faster than usual.
  • 5- We note that the female begins to prepare a place until she gives birth, and it is preferable to help her and bring a large box that she and her children can afford, and on the last days of pregnancy the female becomes very troubled, and it is advised not to approach the children, and not to play with her in that period.

- Signs of dog birth time

- A few days before the birth date the female is in a clear nervous state, gasps more than usual, refuses to eat and begins to appear tired, and looks for a suitable place to put in, the dog needs to have a boyfriend next to her to encourage her and warm her and tighten her buttons, and then begins to descend the puppy after every quarter of an hour about.

- If the puppy goes down from the dog for more than a quarter of an hour between each puppy and the other prefers to call the veterinarian, and in the end, the whole puppy goes down with a bag of gelatin, so the female releases this bag with her teeth, licks it and cleans it, waits until the little one comes out and starts to breastfeed, and waits until the other baby comes down and so on, mostly the dog gives birth to four dogs, and if she is born more than that number she eats enough small dogs because her milk is not enough for more.


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