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Why do cats like bags, boxes, and leaves?

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Why do cats like bags, boxes, and leaves?

Cats are strange little creatures and have a lot of secrets, in addition to that cats are the only species domesticated in the family of sonors, and local cats have a mixed reputation ranging from animals that love isolation to animals that love insects, and we humans were not quite sure whether cats really love us or they just love us for food and free housing, but there is one thing that can be agreed on and cat owners that they love bags, boxes and paper, whether it's a plastic bag from a shop Groceries or a box of paper, cats are quick to pounce on these things like new toys, homes or even snacks, and scientists and cat lovers have many suggestions about why the prostitutes are mad at these containers.

Why do cats like bags?

One of the most obvious explanations is that these bags or boxes used to carry food, and cats have a sharp sense of smell much stronger than any human being, so it's no wonder that cats rub their mustaches all over the grocery bag that carried frozen salmon slices an hour ago, and in addition, many of these bags are wrapped in materials such as corn starch or salt acids or even made from a by-product of animals such as gelatin, making the bag very tasty.

As much as the wrinkled sound from the bags, these acid-eating mammals may also feel a mild tickle, because the cysts may mimic the noise of rodents that occur when they sneak through the fields, in addition to the soft texture of the bags, and the bright, soft surface of the bags may be exceptionally attractive to cats, whether it is for the lick or even cats damaged by their body.

Why do cats like boxes?

When it comes to cardboard boxes, there are many explanations that make cats like boxes, for starters, the box is a wonderful burrow while searching for potential prey, and can also protect cats from danger or other predators, and a scientist at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands studied the benefits of the boxes on two groups of newly arrived cats in an animal shelter, and one group had the option to hide in their own personal boxes while the other group did not, and it was no surprise One that the group of cats that had boxes to calm them was much less tense, and soon became more comfortable in their surroundings, and were more interested in meeting humans than cats that did not have boxes.

The boxes also provide warmth when the outside air is too cold to satisfy them, cats can not wear a jacket when the temperature drops, and with the body temperature rises from our body temperature it is no wonder that cats seek warmth in unusual places, cardboard is an excellent insulating, and lying in a tight incision creates additional body heat, and whether the cats are tense or cold or just looking for a place to hide safe from predators (maybe neighbor's dog) the box provides all That.

Why do cats like leaves?

When talking about boxes, the shredded paper, which is often used as packaging material, can be the best friend of a cat's. She doesn't mind putting some papers in her bed, such as newspapers and magazines, and there are many theories on the internet about why cats are attracted to the leaves, but the simplest answer is that she feels good, that the papers attract her attention, or maybe she wants to determine her territory, or maybe it's a new item in the house that needs to be investigated, and there is no end to why cats like to wrap themselves in candy paper.

Cats' behaviors may always remain a little vague, but this is part of their charm, and of course, if any of these behaviors seem too repetitive or uncontrollable, you may need to consult a veterinarian, which may mean that cats suffer from stress or boredom, or maybe more serious such as dental disease or diabetes.


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