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Favorite food for cats

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food for cats
Cat food should be appropriate for their nature and their digestive system, so every living being has a specific food suitable for him, so human food is different from animal food, and also animals do not eat the same things. Eating cats is different from eating dogs and differs from eating the lion, and so on, as the internal organs of each type Different from the other type, and for this, it is necessary to choose the type of food that is appropriate for it and that the digestive system can digest and benefit from it.

- The best favorite cat food

There are many foods that cats like to eat, including:

- Red meat

Some types of cats like very much to eat red meat, but rather adore it, but some other types such as Shirazi cats do not like red meat forever, it does not suit the nature of its body, but before providing red meat to cats it must be careful to be well cooked, as the cats do not You must eat it raw in order not to get sick and become fierce, so it can be roasted, fried, or even boiled, and it can be presented to cats without removing fat from them because cats like to eat fats, they are suitable for the nature of their body, and in order for the cat to benefit from red meat, you can serve it with a few mashed potatoes, It helps supply the cats with the potassium you need.

- White meat

Fish and chicken are considered to eat cats favorite, as well as other types of white meat such as rabbits and other foods, but it must be provided to cats and they are well cooked whether grilled or boiled, they love them very much and enjoy them, as white meat is very useful for cats as it contains a high percentage of calcium, proteins, phosphorus and other vitamins important for the health of cats.

- Liver

The liver is one of the most favorite foods in most cat species, they love them and enjoy when eating them but of course well cooked, cats can eat liver in very large quantities, as the liver is very useful for the health of cats, it provides them with many very useful elements.

- Dairy and dairy products

Milk is the right food for cats in their first months, and is their favorite food throughout their life, as well as cheeses and other dairy products, helping to supply cats with appropriate amounts of calcium, fats, and proteins that are very important for the growth of cats and to maintain their health.

- Eggs

Eggs are a very important food for cats as it contains good proportions of protein as it is considered a source of vitamin B, so it is a very important food for cats and also loved by cats, eggs cooked as a meal for cats can be served rich in important elements.

- Spinach

Spinach is a favorite food for a cat, but be careful not to feed spinach to cats, just as spinach contains many vitamins and elements very important for the health of cats such as vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, iron, calcium, and other important vitamins, but it can cause harm to cats if the cat has problems with the urinary system or stones in the bladder, but in general, spinach is very useful for the digestive system and helps in the treatment of digestive infections.

- Peas

It is a very beneficial food for the health of cats, as it contains vitamin A and vitamin C, and peas contain a good percentage of dietary fiber.

- Berries and apples

Both contain vitamin A and vitamin C and apples are high in fiber, both are very important for cats and are also suitable, but the outer shell of apples must be removed before feeding them to cats.

- Bread

Bread can be served to cats, but in small quantities, bread contains important fiber and proteins but increasing the amount of bread given to cats causes cats to develop diarrhea.

- Oats

Oats can be given to cats as a meal, in addition to their great taste for cats, they contain important dietary fiber, contain many important vitamins, and help power cats.

- Food that should not be served to cats.

There are some foods that should not be served to cats because they cause health problems, including:

- Onions and garlic are things that are warned to be added to cat food, as they can then be converted into sulfur compounds that cause blood to break down in cats.

- Eggs should be cooked well before serving to cats because raw eggs contain very harmful salmonella, and raw egg whites contain evading that prevents the body from absorbing vitamin B.

- Red meat and raw white meat should not be served definitively to cats, they contain many harmful microbes and must be cooked well before serving them to cats.

- Grapes and raisins are one of the most dangerous foods for cats, as they put them at risk of kidney failure.

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